Feb. 17th, 2017

Der totale Krieg, größer und schlimmer als je zuvor - nur nicht so laut.
CrimethInc. wrote the following post Thu, 16 Feb 2017 21:31:41 +0100

#^War is Already Here : It's Just Not Very Evenly Distributed


Racks of networked internet connection “The future is already here,” Cyberpunk pioneer William Gibson once said; “it’s just not very evenly distributed.” Over the intervening decades, many people have repurposed that quote to suit their needs. Today, in that tradition, we might refine it thus: War is already here—it’s just not very evenly distributed.

Never again will the battlefield be just state versus state; it hasn’t been for some time. Nor are we seeing simple conflicts that pit a state versus a unitary insurgent that aspires to statehood. Today’s wars feature belligerents of all shapes and sizes: states (allied and non-allied), religious zealots (with or without a state), local and expatriate insurgents, loyalists to former or failing or neighboring regimes, individuals with #^a political mission or personal agenda, and agents of chaos who benefit from the instability of war itself. Anyone or any group of any size can go to war.

The increased accessibility of the technology of disruption and war#^1 means the barrier to entry is getting lower all the time. The structure of future wars will sometimes feel familiar, as men with guns murder children and bombs level entire neighborhoods—but it will take new forms, too. Combatants will manipulate markets and devalue currencies. Websites will be subject to DDoS attacks and disabling—both by adversaries and by ruling governments. Infrastructure and services like hospitals, banks, transit systems, and HVAC systems will all be vulnerable to attacks and interruptions.

In this chaotic world, in which new and increasing threats ceaselessly menace our freedom, technology has become an essential battlefield. Here at the CrimethInc. technology desk, we will intervene in the discourse and distribution of technological know-how in hopes of enabling readers like you to defend and expand your autonomy. Let’s take a glance at the terrain.



The #^NSA listens to, reads, and records #^everything that happens on the internet.

Amazon, Google, and Apple are always listening#^2 and sending some amount#^3 of what they hear back to their corporate data centers#^4. #^Cops want that data. Uber, Lyft, Waze, Tesla, Apple, Google, and Facebook know your whereabouts and your movements #^all of the time. #^Employees spy on #^users.

#^Police#^5 want access to the contents of #^your phone, computer, and #^social media accounts—whether you’re a #^suspected criminal, a #^dissident on a watch list, or an #^ex-wife.

The business model of most tech companies is surveillance capitalism. Companies learn everything possible about you when you use their #^free app or website, then sell your data to governments, police, and advertisers. There’s even a company named Palantir, after the crystal ball in The Lord of the Rings that the wizard Saruman used to gaze upon Mordor—through which Mordor gazed into Suruman and corrupted him......


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